Service Packages

Event Masters Decor and My Event Rental

Event Masters Decor primarily works with brides and wedding celebrations. One of our clients was a wedding planner herself, but she wanted to enjoy her day with her daughter. So, we did it all for her, so she could enjoy, relish, and truly experience her daughter’s beautiful day. We will work with you to tailor your wedding to meet your needs and your budget. Please call us today for your free consultation.

Kathy (801) 673-4679

My Event Rental enables you to basically do it yourself. My Event Rental also has a strong corporate presence to help businesses with large events such as corporate dinners, lunches, anniversaries, promotions and milestone celebrations. Many of our business clients are in the Real Estate business, and need beautiful furniture and accessories to help stage a home.  Please call us today, so we can assist you in orchestrating your next event while enhancing your corporate culture and branding.

Joe (801) 673-4678

Can I just rent your stuff?

Yes, you can, please call Joe Ford at (801) 673-4678.

Rentals are available for do-it-yourself weddings, Realtors for staging houses, Corporate Events, and so forth.

What is included with the free consultation?

We’ve done over 3,000 weddings, for one hour, you can ask us questions. We’ll help you out as much as we can in that hour. With our vast experience, one hour will help us determine what you need and will help you get a good foundation of the best way to plan your glorious day. Proper planning will almost guarantee a glorious day for you!

We’ll ask some questions to help you determine exactly what you want, help you determine if our services would be beneficial to you, and how.

What if my day isn't available?

You can still benefit from our free one hour consultation.  If your day isn’t available with us, we can help you get with someone we trust for your special day. We are in this business because we love what we do, and we love bringing people joy.

Do you offer financing?

If money is tight, when we meet we can tailor your wedding to match your budget. We’ll offer solutions to bring you a gorgeous wedding and celebration that you can afford.

Can I use your decorations and do-it-myself?

Some of our decorations and linens are available via “My Event Rental.” The best option will be for us to meet for your one hour free consultation, and decide how to arrange the rentals for you.